Lemon Handcrafted Cookie Jar & Lemon Cookies


True Delicious hand-painted cookie jar featuring lemons + 2 pack of soft shortbread Lemon Cookies 

- Lemon Shortbread Cookies are brushed with a lemon Glaze made with our Lemon Purée and essential oils for a natural and strong lemony taste
- Each Cookie pack is at least 5.5oz and contains about 8-9 cookies
- Jars are hand-painted in Italy by local artists from Amalfi coast
- Made of glazed terra-cotta, this jar can fit a full container of True Delicious Cookies and measures 4.5" of diameter x 7" of height (top of the lid)


ATTENTION PLEASE: The jars are hand-crafted products made by Italian artists so each piece is unique. The actual product may differ slightly from the photos.