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Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies


  • These are not the ordinary chocolate chip cookies
  • Individually wrapped
  • Made with California Walnuts and Guittard Chocolate Chips
  • 100% Natural
  • Each cookie is approximately 1.6oz each


What makes these cookies Special?  

Many things. The quality of the ingredients first.

- European Style Grade AA Butter composed of 85% Butterfat. Slow-churned for a velvety texture, our Butter brings Old World quality and rich flavor.

- One third of this recipe is composed of California walnuts and Guittard semi- sweet Chocolate Chips

Organic Untreated wheat flour. We use exclusively unbleached unenriched flour. Made from hard red winter wheat and some malted barley. Produced by a local milling company this flour gives a perfectly soft, yet strong structure.

- Organic Oat Flour. For a great balance of flavor and texture. 

- Cage free eggs

- Pure cane sugar. Two types: golden brown and granulated white 



Each Walnut Chocolate Chip cookie is about 4" in diameter and weighs about 1.6oz (45-50g)



- Individually wrapped.
- Longer shelf life
- Easy to pack
- Bundled in a gift box with window on both sides and a handle on top
- Perfect for parties
- Ideal snacks to bring along for your hikes, trips, etc. 

When you purchase our cookies you support a small business.

These Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies are exquisite. Get a treat for the entire family. Share the love. Do you need to make a gift? Are you having a party? Whatever the occasion these cookies are certain to be a great success.