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Authentic Italian Tiramisú

True Delicious Tiramisú in a cup is made with our secret recipe of mascarpone cheese, custard, whipped cream, house-made Savoiardi discs (lady fingers) soaked in espresso coffee and a hint of amaretto di Saronno and pure vanilla. All layered under a veil of Guittard natural cocoa powder. 

  • Tiramisú is a semifreddo, which means it is stored frozen and is taken out of the freezer to be enjoyed. Best practice is to put it in the refrigerator the day before but you can also leaving it at room temp. for 30-60min works. 

    - Each cup weighs 5oz
    - Not sharable with others unless you really love them :-)
    - Contains caffeine
    - Does not contain raw eggs.

Shelf life: Frozen for up to 90 days - When refrigerated eat within 4-5 days.


    ATTENTION PLEASE: True Delicious is not located on the main road. Please enter the parking lot. Our facility is down to the left. There is a True Delicious sign by the main gate on Payran Street. Please bring your order number with you.