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About us

True Delicious is an artisanal bakery located in Petaluma California. We specialize in Italian Biscotti and Cookies.
True Delicious is a company that values family and authenticity. I started this company because of my experiences in the kitchen with my family. My family has always been passionate about food, and I wanted to share our passions by using my father's true Italian recipes that he has been working on for over 50 years. I want to bring authentic Italian recipes to the US.
True Delicious uses Italian recipes handed down through generations. Our company is dedicated to producing the highest quality foods. The ingredients used for each of our products are locally sourced and are selected following a few simple rules to ensure our quality standards remain high.
- 100% Natural
- Locally sourced
- Non-GMO
- No Preservatives
- No High Fructose Corn Syrup
- No Shortening
- No Trans Fat
- No Artificial Colors
- No Artificial Flavors
- No Artificial Sweeteners
- No Sulfites
- No MSG
- No Sodium nitrate