We are a BETTER-FOR-YOU brand that specializes in Italian Biscotti and Cookies. Our production bakery is located in Petaluma California. 
At True Delicious we value family and authenticity. I started this company because of my experience in the kitchen with my family in Italy, were I grew up. We have always been passionate about food in general but when it comes to sweets I am thankful to what I have learned from my dad, a professional pastry chef with 50+ years experience and part of the Italian Federation of Pastry Chefs, Elite team.
I can proudly say we use Italian recipes handed down through generations.

Pastry Chef
What makes our products BETTER-FOR-YOU?
We are dedicated to producing the highest quality food. The ingredients used for each of our products are locally sourced and are selected following a few simple rules to ensure our quality standards remain high:
- Use as little sugar as possible
- 100% Natural
- Locally sourced
- Non-GMO
- No Preservatives
- No High Fructose Corn Syrup
- No Shortening
- No Trans Fat
- No Artificial Colors
- No Artificial Flavors
- No Artificial Sweeteners
- No Sulfites
- No MSG
- No Sodium nitrate

Something to mention about our ingredients:
Butter - We use USDA Grade AA rating European Style Butter (The highest rating)
Flour - Unbleached. Less refined, less processed
Sugar - Pure cane sugar only
Eggs - Cage free
Nuts - Mostly grown in California
Vanilla - The real Vanilla. No imitation ever. From Nielsen-Massey
Almond Extract -  Pure from Nielsen Massey
Orange Pureé - We make our own from fresh California oranges
Jams - Always without high fructose corn syrup or colorants

Made of recycled material and 100% recyclable
Solar powered
We consider our employees like family and make sure they feel respected, important and that we are all sharing a great working environment.