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We love the ones with fruit in them makes them nice and chewy the favor is great and will keep buying them


We love them the taste of anise is good well baked

Almond Biscotti

They are awesome love them

So delicious!! I can’t stop eating them!!

Great assortment!! Love everything.


It was received well and they are excited at the variety!

truly delicious biscotti and they are great!


Great taste could be harded

Great tasting but I like it crunchy so I take off the cover and let the biscotti get harder and then its perfect.

Bundle of the month
Prefer no fruit

The traditional almond and almond anise are far superior to the fruit filled biscotti. The fruit makes the cookies soft and almost seem expired. Also way too sweet. The lemon blueberry was almost sickening. But if that's your thing, sweet fruit filled cookies, I guess these were spot on. I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to my biscotti. I like a mildly sweet addition to my coffee and tea.


Tasteless. You can buy better and less expensive cookies at local grocery store

Liked a lot

I always wanted to try these and they are wonderful. I will buy again in the future.

Not bad

Not bad. I’m not a glazy girl like plain simple cookies


Buttery and fruit is delicious love em


Have everyone liking them so good and also the hazelnut is every where and chocolate taste awesome will buy in the future

Given as a Valentine gift. Best liked of all the cookies.

Gave as a gift. Understand they were delicious!


These are so good and we love that you get a lot of different flavors in the bag.

Valentines gift for the Mrs.

She loves them. Takes a few for morning coffee at her work and will share only with her best of friends! She let me have one...they are delicious!


Taste is excellent and shipped and packed exactly well

In my top 5

So many wonderful treats on this site, Fillmore flavor - not sugar. These are a true favorite.

I want my cookie back

The Apricot Ginger cookies are the best. Soft but not too soft. Love the vanilla Bean icing topped the cookie off. I want this cookie to be year around. I am already having withdrawals. This is one cookie I do not share with anyone including my children and grands.

No flavor

Almost tasteless. Not happy with this product! Texture is all mixed up!!!

I can’t believe I ate the whole box at one sitting . . . twice

And now they’re out of stock?
How could you? I’ll order 8 boxes next time!
Nah, I didn’t like them at all /s
Please make more, soon—along with the olive oil biscotti.

Very Good

These are very tasty and a regular size of a cookie. Out of the three kinds I bought, these were our favorite.