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These are great. I love all the flavors with my coffee and just as a snack. Will be ordering more.

Morning Glory

In the morning I will have hot chocolate with my Biscotti to start my morning. To dip my delicious bread or cookie in my hot chocolate gets my day with a smile. I have shared some with my family who are coffee drinkers and they agree they are so delicious 😋 😍


Great taste however not as moist as my Mom's or Grandmothers'

Cranberry Biscotti

I have ordered this multiple times. Always fresh. Never disappointed.

Biscotti and cookies

Are delicious and I have them in the morning with my coffee


Am very pleased with the texture and the taste! Delicious!

Reminds me of my grandmother’s.


Excellent product, l’m planning to buy more

Assorted Biscotti

Love the biscotti and cookies!

Yummy bits!

It dosen't matter that they are broken they are delicious!!♡

Great snacks

Love all the flavors, especially the almond & pistachio. We also enjoy the “bits & pieces” bags!! All flavors in small, bite-size portions!!

2 Pound Bags Biscotti Bits

I love having these delicious treats with my morning tea. They are a great value and I don't mind their broken condition because in my diet, pieces don't count. For company I like to have the perfect ones on hand. All of the biscotti are "truly delicious" and so are the cookies. As a health conscious octogenarian, I like a healthy sweet now and then.

most of these cookies were broken tasted good but disappointed in delivery

The best

Its the best. I have ordered twice...


Instead of doing a review for each one, I just want to say I like all the flavors of the biscotti. I order a 6 pack or 8 pack at least once a month if not twice. I include with my breakfast every morning. Love the product!

These are absolutely amazing!!!!

These are the best hands down, can’t say it enough highly recommend

I loved all 4 biscotti that I purchased. Can’t tell you which I liked be st!

Loved them all


these are good, i would order them again


i like these a lot, have ordered these several times


these are always good, i have purchased them several times


not too bad, not sure i would order them again.


It’s impossible to just eat one of these, absolutely delicious. I’ve had biscotti from other companies but this brand and this flavor combination is fabulous and definitely worth a try.

delicious biscotti

This is the best gift for foodie friends (or yourself)! I bought them a few years ago for a friend and he loved it so much it’s my go-to for every occasion!

So tasty

These biscotti are small but they’re so fresh and tasty! Every one I’ve tried has been great! Lots of add-ins.

My Favorite

Possibly the best biscotti I have ever tasted.
Plenty of hazelnuts - and the density is perfect.