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Customers are constantly looking for good quality products that are different from mainstream factory made food. Our products are made with passion in small batches and they taste like homemade.


Are you a regional food distributor?
True Delicious is a family owned operation and we are in the process of partnering with other regional distributors to expand our coverage in other states outside of California. We have had a fantastic growth in our recent year. Our products have been very well received everywhere and we are now ready to produce more and partner up with other regional distributors. 
We should talk but first we would love to send you a mixed case of our products for you to try. Get in touch with us.


Are you a buyer for a grocery store?

There are many reasons why choosing True Delicious is beneficial to your business

  • Offer delicious Authentic Italian products that are different
  • The quality of our biscotti and cookies is easily recognizable because we only use high quality ingredients. For this reason customers keep buying our products. 
  • We provide some free samples. We believe customers need to try them to fall in love
  • Reasonable minimum orders
  • We are all about relationships. Your work means a lot to us.

If you are interested in trying our products please contact us.