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Biscotti and Coffee 6-Pack


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  • True Delicious top flavors Biscotti Collection and Coffee for Espresso or Moka Pots
  • Each 6oz pack contains approximately 14 biscotti
  • 12oz Coffee bags, medium-dark roast 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta premium blend
  • Available in: whole beans, ground for espresso machine and ground for moka pots
  • 100% Natural Biscotti made with locally sourced non-GMO ingredients
  • Made in Petaluma, CA

Nutrition facts

True Delicious Biscotti and Coffee! A delightful assortment of crisp, flavorful biscotti and medium-dark roast coffee for your morning espresso boosting chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel notes. Ideal for espresso machines or moka pots. Perfect for gifting or special occasions.

This bundle contains the following True Delicious Biscotti flavors: Whole Almond, Salted Pistachio, Orange Chocolate Chip, Cranberry and Double Chocolate.  

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Fast delivery arrived product as expected. I hope billing address is billed correctly still waiting, hopefully it wasn't billed to the shipping address. I thank you and more Power